January 20, 2016


Hi, my name is Velizara Tellalayn.

I am a Shanghai based SEO Consultant and online marketer with over 4 years of experience in different niches: from online education, e-shops and online gaming to car dealers, hotels, restaurants and more.

My job is to help your business (no matter how big it is) to gain a better exposure on the Internet, to get more targeted traffic and to increase your sales and market share!

During my career I have worked with startups and large brands in both competitive and uncompetitive niches.
By offering them a well-rounded and balanced approach to online marketing I successfully helped them to drive more traffic to their sites, to build stronger online reputation and to increase their sales.

If you are interested in hiring me for a specific project or ongoing consulting, contact me today!

More about me

I started my career in online marketing as Web Marketing Assistant for one of leading companies for e-learning in France. At that time I was responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive social media strategy, which resulted in 30% increase in social traffic.

After, I decided to take a leap into the agency world and began working with Asdoria Web Agency, a full service online marketing agency based in France. I developed over 20 successful online marketing campaigns for a variety of clients from different niches and sizes. My main responsibilities included consulting in SEO, Paid Search optimization, email marketing, content management and social media. A lot of my former clients are still ranked on 1st position on Google.fr for their competitive keywords.

After my rbroad agency experience I decided to give a new direction to my career and I moved to China.

In Shanghai I worked as Online Marketing specialist for the world’s leading marketplace for exchange of gaming assets. I was supervising a team of 5 in-house copywriters and overseeing all online marketing campaigns of the company.

In addition to my professional experience I hold a Master degree in Consulting in Management and Strategies.

I enjoy helping companies grow and would love to discuss your online marketing strategy with you!