Facts About Official Wechat Accounts you Should Know

7 Facts About Official Wechat Accounts Every Non-Chinese Business Should Know

In my practice as a SEO consultant in China, I often get approach by foreign companies which are looking to increase their online presence on the Chinese market. Naturally, foreign companies are not only looking at Chinese marketplaces but are also interested by the most popular Chinese social networks. And when it comes to social[…]

What is referral spam in Google Analytics

What is Referral Spam and How to Recognize it in Google Analytics ?

Few weeks ago, one of my clients started seeing spike in referral traffic in Google Analytics. Of course he got excited, thinking that his website is getting popular, people are linking and visitors are coming. Unfortunately that wasn`t true. You don`t have to be a Google Analytics expert to see that all the traffic my client[…]

seo friendly blog post

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

A lot of companies start blogging for two reasons: to engage with their customers and to improve their website rankings. And despite what some  people see these two goals as contradictory, they are in fact complementary. To write a successful blog posts you should follow three main rules: First of all: you should write genuine,[…]

Image Alt tag vs. Image Title tag: What’s the Difference and Why they Matter in SEO

I often get asked by colleagues and clients “What’s the difference between image alt text and image title? And are they important for SEO?”. Last week, when I wrote about the role of the image ALT tag in Search Engine Optimization, I mentioned that not using alt text on images is one of the most[…]

The Top 5 Keyword Research Tools Every SEO Must Use

The Top 5 Keyword Research Tools Every SEO Must Use

Keyword research is the foundation of every successful digital marketing campaign. No matter if you prepare an SEO, PPC or content marketing campaign you need to start with keyword research. And no matter if you work as SEO consultant, PPC expert or Content marketer, you need to master the keyword research technique. Fortunately there are[…]