Which are the Most Expensive Keywords on Google in 2015


How high you think that the CPC of an Adwords keyword could be? Maybe $50 – $60? Better try with $500 – $600! At least that’s what a recent study reviled.

In August 2015, the folks at WebmageXF and SEMrush figured out which keywords have the highest cost-per-click in Google AdWords in 2015. Their finding are presented in the infographic below.

Their results show, for example, that 58% of the top 100 most expensive keywords are location-sensitive — like “Austin TX auto insurance” as opposed to just “auto insurance.”

They also found that a whopping 78% of the most expensive keywords relate to law firms and legal counsel, while only 1% relate to business services.

The most obvious reason in that lawyer services (for car accidents, injuries, lawsuits, and settlements) have all high profit margins for attorneys and one simple query for “accident attorney Riverside VA” could result in a lucrative case for the attorney who lands the contact.


Read the full study analysis here.

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