The Top 5 Keyword Research Tools Every SEO Must Use

The Top 5 Keyword Research Tools Every SEO Must Use

Keyword research is the foundation of every successful digital marketing campaign. No matter if you prepare an SEO, PPC or content marketing campaign you need to start with keyword research. And no matter if you work as SEO consultant, PPC expert or Content marketer, you need to master the keyword research technique. Fortunately there are[…]

Google brings Keyword “(Not Provided)” to AdWords

Probably one of the most commented news last week was Google’s decision to implement secure search for clicks on paid search ads. A lot of people thought that as a result Adwords users won’t have access to the actual words that people entered in the search engine before clicking on the paid ad. This caused[…]

Which are the Most Expensive Keywords on Google in 2015

  How high you think that the CPC of an Adwords keyword could be? Maybe $50 – $60? Better try with $500 – $600! At least that’s what a recent study reviled. In August 2015, the folks at WebmageXF and SEMrush figured out which keywords have the highest cost-per-click in Google AdWords in 2015. Their[…]