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How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

A lot of companies start blogging for two reasons: to engage with their customers and to improve their website rankings. And despite what some  people see these two goals as contradictory, they are in fact complementary. To write a successful blog posts you should follow three main rules: First of all: you should write genuine,[…]

Image Alt tag vs. Image Title tag: What’s the Difference and Why they Matter in SEO

I often get asked by colleagues and clients “What’s the difference between image alt text and image title? And are they important for SEO?”. Last week, when I wrote about the role of the image ALT tag in Search Engine Optimization, I mentioned that not using alt text on images is one of the most[…]

How to Contact a Website Owner Using the WHOIS Register?

Let’s say you found an interesting website with which you would like to make a partnership or to do a link exchange. Or maybe you found a website which uses your photos without mention their source. You decided to contact the webmaster but there’s no contact information, no links to social media accounts, nor a[…]

What’s the Difference Between Dynamic and Static URLs? Which is Better for SEO?

From an SEO perspective there are two types of URLs: static URLs and dynamic URLs. And a lot has been said about their importance for SEO. But some people still get confused by these terms and don’t really understand why static and dynamic URLs are treated in a different way. This article represents a general[…]